The Web across the Water….to be released tomorrow (September 29th)

It has been nearly two years since this story appeared at the back of my brain. Since then I have plotted the book, fallen in and out of love with ideas and story arcs and planned, before finally writing the words on the page.

Ever since I finished my first draft, around six months ago, I have edited, had the book edited by a third party, rewritten, reviewed, edited again, and…well, you get the picture.

But finally, I believe that the story is ready to be read, and tomorrow it will be available to purchase from Amazon.

I will release the cover tonight, designed by myself, and using a photograph by Anja Osenberg; the image was taken from Pixabay, and is in the public domain.

For whoever is reading this, please give my novel a shot, and please provide an Amazon rating.


About mike20070

I am an aspiring writer of thriller novels.
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